Williamina Chocolate Ripple of Broadsway


Maine Coon 


Brown Classic Torbie 




March 2, 2008


SBT 030208 052

Bred by:

Michi & Russ Hagan

Owned by:

Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson   



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation

Versus Cloud Walker of Williamina
Silver Classic Tabby/White
SBT 112606 007

GC,RW Versus Ice Dive

GC,RW Mainesuspect Lacoste of Coonoquan
Cameo With White

GC Mainesuspect Profiler of Tropikoon
Cameo With White

GC Sarajen Bookers Kentucky Straight

CH Meowy-Kazowy Emma Peel of Ociopia

CH Unicoon Water Lily of Mainesuspect

CH P'Kaykatz Bones Mc Coon

Terrificats Satori of Unicoon

GC Coonoquan Mariella of Versus

GC,RW Nascat R/R Phantom of Coonoquan
Brown Tabby/Wh

GC Avicats Versace of Coonoquan

CH Nascat Waving The Checkers!

GC Coonoquan Escada
Silver Ptch Mac/Wh

GC,RW Stormwatch Dirtrack Demon of Nascat

GC Coonoquan Espirit

CH Versus Danae

SGC Onocoon Anthony
Silver Classic Tby
SBT 041501 036

QGC Shonan's Cats Mamezou
Brown Classic Tby

Ru-Ru Angel Elixir

Willowplace Crystal Queen of Shonan Cats

CH Williamina Twinkle Lil Star
Silver Classic Tby

IW-SGC Coonyham Rising Sun of Williamina

Williamina Over The Rainbow

QGC Versus Laettia

Coonyham Valentino of Versus
Silver Tabby

Coonyham Rough Rider

Wistariantale Baci of Coonyham

Versus Lady Brenda
Brown Mc Tabby

NW-GP Kankoonkats Alexander of Versus

RW Williamina Anais of Versus

Chatile Kinako of Williamina
Cream Classic Tabby
SBT 082806 030

Yaheska Motivator of Chatile
Red Classic Tabby/White
SBT 052705 025

Fayola Alfons Silver
Silver Classic Tabby/White

Rumford Silverado-Of-Godfather
Silver Classic/Wh

GC,RW Rumford Boxcar Willy

CH Oro Ojos Starstruck of Rumford

Escape Heartbreaker

Koontucky King Arthur of Escape

EC Avicats Astraea Escape's, DM

Yaheksa Aquamarine Azira

St. John Samson

Coonyham Buster Brown

Colocoon Silver Sprite

Tullamore Dew of Milledeux

Sebasco Chewbacka

Mountaineer Tamie

Chatile Akane
Blue Silver Classic Torbie
SBT 062305 022

Koontucky Jalen Merton of Chatile

Megacoon Rocking Cyrus
Brown Mc Tabby

SGC Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky

Koontucky Millicent of Sleepy Haven

Koontucky Marvastasia

Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky

Koontucky Damarviscotta

Dotcom Cahuilla Charm of Chatile
Blue Shaded Silver Torbie

Brocstar Idle Gossip

Guldfakse Harold Blue Tooth

Noracoon Hera

Kassaro Christabelle

Willowplace Lightning

Kititas Gigi