Supreme Grand Champion Broadsway Hollis

Photo by Helmi Flick
Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Brown Ticked Torbie 
Sex: Female  
Born: May 27, 2008
Reg.# SBT 052708 
25 Gen IC: 14.306%
Bred by: Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson  
Owned by: Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson  
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
IW-SGC Broadsway Redding, OS, 02-09-2004, Solid Red, SBT 020904 027, IC= 15.11264   Kellycats Cassidy of Broadsway, 02-26-2000, Red Cream Classic, SBT 022600, IC= 14.64514   Koontucky Moonshine of Kellycat, 04-12-1996, Blue Smoke, SBT 041296 024   SGC Coonceit Majerle of Koontucky, 04-28-1993, Brown Classic Tabb, 1744-855627   CH Countrycousin John Boy, 07-24-1986  
GC Donnahugh Somerset, 12-01-1990  
Emlu Macarena of Koontucky, 06-11-1996, Blue Silver Cl Tby, SBT 061196 010   CH Mainiac Andreas of Emlu, 03-23-1994  
Emlu Gitana, 02-14-1993  
Islandcat Silver Charm, 12-04-1997, Silver Cl Torbie, SBT 120497 025   CH Islandcat Big Red, 11-12-1995, Red Mctabby, 1740-1044393   CH Islandcat Steely Dan, 03-19-1994  
CH Salemcoon Firebird of Islandcat,  
CH Islandcat Wild Blue,   GC Prispurr King Cotton, 04-23-1985  
M'Coon Cherokee of Islandcats, 07-04-1987  
Cloistercoon Lullaby of Broadsway, 01-11-2003, Black Smoke Tortie, SBT 011103 007, IC= 15.14242   Cloistercoon Christian Brother, 12-22-1997, Red Silver Cl Tby, SBT 121498 025   Salemcoon Sabbath of Cloistercoon, 10-26-1996, Black, 1708-1113934   CH Maycoons Newton of Salemcoon, 02-23-1994  
Vallon Black Crow of Salemcoon, 02-13-1995  
Kittyup The Abbess of Cloistercoon, 05-07-1996, Cameo Tabby, 1767-1071550   GC Kittyup Texas Ranger, 02-02-1995  
CH Mewsicoons Kiowa of Kittyup, 05-16-1995  
Broadsway Chapel, 06-02-1997, Blue, SBT 060297 064   Broadsway Dover, 01-19-1996, Blue, SBT 011996 011   Broadsway Harold,  
Donnahugh Blaine of Broadsway,  
Taraknoll Toddy Pond, 10-22-1995, Blue Tortie, SBT 102295 018   Virgil Earpp of Taraknoll, 07-31-1994  
Kagene Shadow Moss of Of Taraknoll, 06-01-1992  
QGC Tribalcats Turquoise of Broadway, 11-28-2004, Blue Cl Tor, SBT 112804 009, IC= 14.30209   Loxahatchee Leo of Tribalcats, 11-19-2003, Red Classic Tby/Wh, IC= 13.23087   Udkittens Blue Berry, 03-29-2000, Blue Classic/Wh,   Love Hulen Gangster, 08-06-1997, Brown Cl Tby/Wh,   Hevengift Lord Alleuluia,  
Claddaghoon Chesapeake,  
Udkittens Anasazi of Kira, Brown Mackerel Tor,   Santor Casco Kid Cody,  
Udkittens Kira of Kiri,  
Ginger V. Donautal,   Diabol II V Donautal,   Yasco V. Racoon,  
Elisa of Faberge,  
Roxanne V. Donautal,   Kevin V. Donautal,  
Spitzacker Hazel,  
Hillside Cheyenne of Tribalcats, Brown Classic Tby, IC= 30.22580   CH Hillside Debonair Dude,   Hillside Mission Impossible,   GC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace, 04-25-1989  
Hillside Prime Time, 06-05-1989  
Hillside Thomasina's Tidbit,   Coonquest Beaujolais of Hillside, 05-19-1986  
Hillside Tabitha's Thomasina,  
Hillside Debutantee Warrior Princess, Brown Classic Tby,   Koontucky Remington, 06-03-1999, Brown Classic, 1744-1284405   GC Pomcat Garcon D'Or of Xtc, 02-26-1997  
DGC Koontucky Shalayla, 04-12-1998  
Hillside Dude's Debutante,   CH Hillside Debonair Dude,  
Wynhaven Prairie Rose of Hillside,